Confederation of American States

Lone Star Defense Systems (LSDS)

Texan mercenary company. Renowned for production and export of the AR1x, a modular weapon system based on the AR15 platform, it is one of the most ubiquitous and common sights in any armed conflict.

Notable subunits:


The CAS is an oligarchic theocracy; its ostensibly secular government is strongly influenced by the American Evangelical Conference, although officially the AEC has no official position (there is no “high priest” in government job).

A President is selected by an Electoral College, who is selected from the House of Representatives, who is elected by those who can afford the “voting rights fee”. Members of the EC are almost always ranking members of the AEC; presidential appointments almost always draw from the AEC ranks.

Foreign Policy

Officially the CAS is strongly isolationist; it has had “America First” as part of its policy platform since its founding. That said, a large chunk of its GDP comes from LSDS and relentless intervention in every conflict.

It does not have an official standing army or navy and does little force projection.

Domestic Policy

Each state is a separate, independent body. The official currency is the dollar but states offer their own internal currency for common transactions. Freedom of movement is complicated by occasional interstate conflicts, the most famous of which was the Missouri-Arkansas Phony Border War, where a disagreement about apple tariffs resulted in each states militias setting up a series of heavily guarded checkpoints at border crossings, and a number of small-unit actions resulting in casualties, before the LSDS Internal Security Group intervened.