Shipbreakers Guild

Originally primarily an industry centered around Bangladesh, Nigeria’s ship breaking industry took off after the Indian nuclear war. It became a global concern through the efforts of former leader Ekong Nasha.

It became the world’s reclamation service: traveling the globe, and getting back the broken pieces of the modern world, then selling them back to the highest bidder.

Examples include going into the radiation zones of India and Pakistan, deep-sea recovery of ships and oil rigs, salvage of pipelines, recovery of high-tech materials from landfills, and more. They have even engaged with Roscosmos for near-orbit operations and boast over 40 space-rated operators.

They are also heavily connected with several pirate groups - unofficially, of course. It is alleged by numerous sources that the main source of transport and security in its formative years was the “Second Sons of Satan”, a notorious African pirate group. Officially it states that it merely acquired second-hand transport used by “a number of official and unofficial sources” ; and that it needed skilled crews and was more than happy to “provide a path to legitimate incomes for anyone with the skills”.

They are headquartered in Ondo State, to the east of Lagos. Their current CEO is Olufemi Johnson.