Soundtrack to the Sprawl

This is a bunch of random tracks that I thought capture the feel of a cyberpunk game. Your mileage will almost certainly vary. Also note that I’m utterly ignorant of west African music (right now!) so I have not included anything from that region; but I’m working on that.

Name of the Game (The Crystal Method)

Shots Fired (Le Castle Vania)

Assassins (Tyler Bates & Joel J. Richard)

Man of Focus (Tyler Bates & Joel J. Richard)

Blunts & Robots (feat. Peter Hook) (The Crystal Method)

We All Faulter (Jesu)

We're In This Together (Nine Inch Nails)

The Great Destroyer (Nine Inch Nails)

Inside Out (God Module)

Fun With Drugs (Velvet Acid Christ)

Mindphlux (Trip Zone Mix) [Trip Zone Mix] (Velvet Acid Christ)

A Drug Against War (KMFDM)

Rinzler (Remixed By Kaskade) (Daft Punk)

The Grid (Remixed By The Crystal Method) (The Crystal Method)

Adagio For Tron (Remixed By Teddybears) (Daft Punk)

Just Like You Imagined (Nine Inch Nails)

God's Sin (Decoded Feedback)

Welcome to Paradise (Front 242)

One With the Fire (Front 242)

Unsung (Helmet)

Soul Hacker (Fear Factory)

Oxidizer (Fear Factory)

540,000 Degrees Fahrenheit (Fear Factory)

All Fall Down (Five Knives)

Vive Le Roi (Five Knives)

Rattatat (Five Knives)

Le Disko (Shiny Toy Guns)

Ricochet! (Shiny Toy Guns)

Ghost Town (Shiny Toy Guns)

Bio-Mechanic (Front Line Assembly)

Millennium (Front Line Assembly)

Tanzbefehl (Funker Vogt)

Gladiator (Funker Vogt)

We Have the Energy (Evil Nine)

Soulstorm- Stranglehold (Erosion Cycle Alt Noise Mix) (EROSION CYCLE)

Du Hast (Rammstein)

Zerstören (Rammstein)

The Order of Death (Public Image Ltd.)

Cold Metal (Iggy Pop)

Digging the Grave (Faith No More)

Day of the Lords (Joy Division)

New Dawn Fades (Joy Division)

Elegia (New Order)

I Wanna Riot (Rancid)

Storm Is Coming (Extended Version) (Junkie XL)