Shadow of the Demon Lord

This game is intended to be small-scale, focused, and completely limited in world view. There are no grand sweeping empires (that you know of), no world-ending armies on the march (as far as you know), or whatever. It’s old-school, as the current trend calls it.

You meet at an inn …

A wealthy old man, the Heir, has recently come into possession of the properties and wealth of his Ancestor; a huge tract of unimproved land, and more importantly, a large mansion and grounds.

It is said that the whole place is haunted by foul beasts from the depths of hell; cursed by witches; all who enter die!

Most likely, it has been taken over by bandits, who have been harassing the region of late.

Unable to afford to summon the levy and the local lords uninterested in sending help, the Heir sends riders with notices to all of the local villages, asking for strong backs and sharp steel.

He promises food and lodging, and a daily wage, in return for the service of reclaiming his property. He offers that any treasure within, other than some specific heirlooms, will be given freely to those that return his lands to him.

The past few harvests have been poor, and you can use the money …